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Mrs Kalpana Patil MB BS MS MCh FRCS(Paed)

Consultant Paediatric Urologist

+44 01932 875168

Pain Relief Programme

Pain relief for baby circumcisions done using a local anaesthetic:

This is an important aspect in the care of your baby boy.

We have given this aspect a careful thought and planning. We have also audited our results with the use of local anaesthetic alongwith a non nutritive sucking as an useful adjunct.

The base of the penis from where the nerve supply enters the penis is covered all around with ametop gel. This is left in contact with the skin for about 20 – 25 minutes with the help of opsite dressing.

Once we are ready for the procedure we take the baby into the operating room (parents are not allowed into the aseptic environment). After thorough cleansing a local anaesthetic 2.5mg/ml Chirocaine 0.8 ml/kg is injected as an infiltration through the numbed skin. This minimises the pain from the injection which your baby would have otherwise experienced.

Few minutes after the injection I proceed with the circumcision only after testing adequacy of the pain relief.

Despite taking these steps you may hear your baby cry but I am more than convinced that this cry is not due to ‘pain’. There are several other easons when babies cry as may be familiar with newborn baby parents.

I have been doing this aspect of pain relief now for over 5 years in my current practice.

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