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Mrs Kalpana Patil MB BS MS MCh FRCS(Paed)

Consultant Paediatric Urologist

+44 01932 875168

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Buried Penis

This is a condition where the penile skin distribution around the shaft(body) of the penis is abnormal. There is usually a deficiency of the skin on the under surface of the penis. The attachment of the skin around the penis is also different giving an appearance that the penis is ‘buried’.

There are other terms used in the literature on this condition as ‘intussusepted foreskin’ and one of the underlying cause put forward is that the end opening of the foreskin is too small or tight.

Whatever the underlyning cause this condition requires treatment as if left alone may lead to complications like inability to pass urine without compressing the ballooned foreskin, local infection and discomfort.


The treatment options may be dependent on the severity are:

  • Conservative management and regular follow up if mild
  • Operation to correct the appearance

The operation involves removal of the thickened inner layer of the foreskin and rearranging of the available skin around the penis.

Sometimes if the skin is deficient to cover the shaft of the penis a skin graft maybe necessary on rare occasions.

My results:

  • Success rate 98%
  • Complications in 1 – 2%
  • Skin flap retraction may need revision
  • Infection may be treated with antibiotics
  • Cosmesis may look slightly different if the thickened inner layer of prepuce had to be partly retained in cases where the penile skin is too deficient

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